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Let's Talk Flowers

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

You’ve said yes and now the fun begins. It’s always so exciting to begin planning the wedding of your dreams. You have probably thought about your big day long before you ever said yes or had the beautiful sparkling ring on your finger. Now it’s time to put those dreams into action and plan your perfect day. Flowers play a large role in most brides wedding day dreams. Flowers can set the stage and mood for your day and compliment all the details that you are working so hard to create. Although flowers seem like one of the first elements to begin with there are other elements about your day that need to be finalized before meeting with your florist and getting started with your floral planning. Your first floral meeting should be fun and productive bringing your dreams to life but in order to get the most out of this meeting you should have a venue secured, a rough floor plan layout, colors picked and definitely a budget in mind. Oh and before we forget, if you have a wedding planner hired for your big day this is a meeting that they should definitely be at to make sure everyone is on the same page and with the same vision. Once you’ve worked out these details the fun begins. When setting your floral budget it is important to keep in mind that there are many unseen elements that go into the wedding florals not only the day of but weeks and months prior to your big day and did we mention the florist “After Party”. Everything used the day of your wedding must be picked up, packed and cleaned after your big event. With this, be mindful that there are a lot of unseen elements to your big day. From planning meetings, revising quotes, cleaning and prepping your glassware, rentals, loading and unloading vehicles, labor designing your florals, setting up and the elements it takes to build your florals, tools, and expertise. Oh yeah, and the cost of the flowers and greenery. I like to tell my brides that flowers are like seafood (I know right, but they smell much better!). By this I mean that they are market price. We do not dictate flower cost; they rise and fall with the season and the demand. If you are getting married in December and love peonies we can definitely get them but they will be costly and since they are not in season they may not be as beautiful as the ones you saw on Pinterest that were featured in a girls May (Peony season) wedding. Talk to your florist about what’s available when you're getting married. Your florist can point you in a direction of what will work best for your budget and substitutions if needed that will give you the same look and feel. When it comes to flowers the sky's the limit. With this being said make sure you know your limits and budget and communicate this with your florist. A reputable florist with experience can help you create a beautiful day no matter your budget. When showing inspiration pictures to your florist it's important that you are open minded and have an understanding of all the costs and work associated with creating your dream day. Most brides have combed Pinterest and have beautiful vision boards but those boards do not always tell the full story of cost. Most experienced florists can look at this inspiration and get a good feel of color, style and mood you are looking for. Brainstorm with your florist to make sure you are on the same page and ask questions! When it comes to the nitty gritty remember it's your day and you have big decisions to make. Plan your florals based off of the look and feel you are trying to achieve. Some brides look to cut corners on flowers and this can sometimes cause confusion in the planning process. Are you going with heavy greenery and less flowers to cut costs? Well, hold that thought, most brides do not realize that greenery can be the same price as flowers and sometimes more depending on the demand. Are you going to DIY part of your florals? Have an aunt or friend help do your flowers because they offered? All good intentions, I’m sure, but this can cause major chaos for the big day. What if your aunt or friend gets sick? What if they do not have access to the flowers needed or that contact falls through? It’s best to trust your big day to professionals and keep that family or friend's favor for a rainy day. When planning your flowers and working with your florist you are hiring a professional. You are hiring a flower loving, wedding ninja that will work to make your day the best. Flowers are beautiful and bring your dream to life. Why would you go any direction but the best? A professional florist has the team you need, the equipment you need, access to the best flowers, experience, heart and we speak flowers. So if you are ready to talk flowers, give us a call!! Leslie Habets Jack Hadden Floral & Event
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