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Curating a Dessert Table

by Alison, Grace Filled Baker

Whether you’re having a wedding, retirement party or baby shower offering your guests dessert options is a great way to personalize your guest experience.

1. Recruit friends and family More often than not friends and family are asking how they can help. And sometimes it’s hard to assign tasks to all those helping hands. Maybe your aunt Linda loves to bake cookies at Christmas or your dad has the best brownie recipe. Ask them if they could contribute their favorite baked goods for your dessert table. Perhaps your cousin Katherine can’t bake but maybe she has the most beautiful selection of vintage China. Utilizing her serveware will help bring your dessert table to life. 2. Go thrifting Thrift shops and antique stores are great places to find display pieces for your dessert table. Vintage China, brass serve ware and glass bowls add charm and nostalgia to your event space. Mix in modern floral arrangements and your dessert presentation has a very thoughtful and timeless vibe. 3. Pleasing pallets Everyone has a different idea of a great dessert. Some prefer cake while others swear by chocolate chip cookies. Why settle for just one thing when you can offer your guests options.

4. Potentially saving With recruiting the help of family and friends to add to your dessert table and perhaps whipping up your own favorite dessert you have the opportunity to save money. This isn’t always true as bite-size desserts can sometimes be more expensive to make and display but there is the opportunity to save depending on your selection. Another great way to save is serving fresh whole fruit. Not only do they offer healthy alternatives, their bright colors and shapes are perfect for layered interest. Cutting cake The tradition of cutting a cake to celebrate a moment extends beyond a wedding. We use it symbolically to celebrate birthdays, retirements and baby showers. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you need a 100 serving cake. Perhaps a 20 serving cake meant for the symbolic cutting would serve just as well. In the world of dessert tables there’s so many options. The best thing I can recommend is sitting down and simply writing your favorite flavors and styles of desserts. At the end of the day I personally feel that an event should represent the honorees as well as being thoughtful about who’s attending the event and what might delight your guests.

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