About Sandhills Wedding and Events Association

The Sandhills Wedding and Event Association (SWEA) is a non-profit group of wedding and event related businesses and professionals in the Sandhills region of North Carolina.  SWEA was founded in 2013 by local event professionals in Moore County, North Carolina.  We are the sponsor organization for the Sandhills Wedding Expo, and host a variety of other events for members and guests throughout the year.

The purpose of the SWEA is to represent the common interest of our members in the wedding and event industry of the Sandhills area in an ethical and professional manner.

  1. To foster a cooperative relationship and ethical spirit among the wedding and event industry members within the Sandhills and surrounding area.

  2. To promote and generally advance the interests of the Sandhills area wedding and event industry to local, city, and state governments, as well as to the general tourism business community.

  3. To accumulate and process information relating to the wedding and event industry and to share such information with the membership.

  4. To provide opportunities for networking and group marketing.

  5. To supply a united voice to encourage policies and legislation supportive of the wedding and event industry at all levels of government.

  6. To promote good policy and sound business principles.

  7. To provide educational opportunities in the wedding and event industry throughout the year.

Please contact us for more information on joining us as a member or simply as a guest at one of our events.